July 2nd and 3rd.

Some notes from the conference. Some are not completed, and I lost one from when my iPad crashed. Also I went to a couple of workshops that I did not take notes.

Her is a list of the workshops I went to:

Keynote – Bob and Sheri Dunton

July 2 Keynote

Anne Chodakowski – An introduction to Imaginative Education

This is the one I lost 😦

David Futter – BC ED Plan And IE: Opportunities And Challenges

July-2 BC EdPlan
July-2 BC EdPlan

John Ames – Narrating Affect: Mitigating Learning Differences Through Aesthetic Experiences

July 2 -Narrating Affect
July 2 -Narrating Affect

Keynote July 3- Annabella Cant

July 3 - Keynote
July 3 – Keynote

Imaginative Mini Lesson – Christa Rawlings, Exponents and really big numbers – Jim Davis, Teaching Evolution As A theory using philosophic understanding.

No notes…

Monica G Pelayo – Imagine, Create, And  Construct Knowledge.

No Notes … ( I had hard time understanding this talk)

Dan Laitch & Annabella Cant – Implementing Learning in Depth: Mulch-Site Case study.

Implementing LiD
July 3- Implementing LiD