dataThe article  Dana, N. F., & Yendol-Hoppey, D. (2009). (Chapters 4). The reflective educator’s guide to classroom research had a lot information I already knew, but there were details and things I did not think of. It was similar to the process of doing art. I was thinking that the research was going to be the most detailed part of the project, but I think collecting the data will be the most time consuming. Field notes will need to be part of a routine. I think falling into a method of collecting will be better than most years because of the changes in reporting student learning. I will be using FreshGrade this year in my class so this will enable me to have data already and will fit nicely into the reporting I will already have in place.

The areas of data collection that I will need to do more of is critical friend and know when to stop collecting data-science4data. These two items will be a challenge for me. I feel I will loose track of following up with my critical friend, and will need to work on asking questions, and not just trying to do it on my own. The other area I know I will need to work on is when to stop collecting data. I tend to get into a loop and want more and more information as I have more questions. I feel this will slow me down and I need to be aware of this as I am working so I can recognize it and work on it as I do my inquiry.