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July 2016

Coding – trying something new

I remember reading about a new coding website for students and I have been wanting to try it, but I have been so busy. Well tonight I gave it a try and it is fantastic! it is called “”. It has a silly story and makes a game of teaching you how to code. The first lesson just shows you how to use typing and text to change pathways for your character to travel. It is a entertaining way for student to have an introduction to coding. I was thinking of using this as part of my lesson for the assessment project.


Reading- Inside The Black Box

I starts out as looking at assessment, and discusses the fairness on teachers. This article has an American connection and differs from what is happening in Canada and BC all the way down to Surrey. The article goes into a discussion about how formative assessment works and can improve standards. Formative assessment tends to help low achievers better also.

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