Brief Artist/Educator Statement

July 11, 2015

With this sculpture I am demonstrating my learning of the Mythic Understanding and it’s Cognitive Tools. It also shows some cognitive tools that are underlay to form a foundation from the Somatic Understanding. You do not lose those as you move on you add them to your new tools, but they have changed because they are not the only tools that are used. I understand this process as a simple machine, and as you combine them you get more and more complex. However, the tools are still visible, and work would only work as a whole with parts and influences from the simple ones.

The machine is made of wire showing that is still in progress and is fragile as a new idea. The wire also shows that anyone can make it. it is not fully developed yet and still has bit ambiguity.

I am also interested in the sounds this machine makes and how it moves. The movement of it is far from fluid. I am interested and enjoy that machine sometimes gets caught up and the operator (you) need to move the handle backwards to get it moving again forwards. This is similar to my learning, sometimes you need to go back and relearn something so you can go forward again. This reminds me of the ‘Troika” comparison we did in class. we need to have a force moving us forward but the horse on either side is needed to turn. I am not sure if all of the reasons are similar to the sculpture but it reminded me of this comparison in class.

Sculpture Drawing Plan - Mythic
Sculpture Drawing Plan – Mythic






First Stage – binary opposites
More learning added
More learning added
added to working sculpture
added to working sculpture
 Full Statement

July 14, 2015

My portfolio piece is my thoughts on what I have learned so far in imaginative education . I have combined a mixture of the first two understandings Somatic and Mythic. This demonstrates that the understandings are layered and there are some tools that are used at what ever the understanding is. The dominant understanding in this sculpture is focused on the cognitive tools used in Mythic understanding.  in my drawing.

The kinetic sculpture moves as if to mimic my thinking, and trying to understand the first stages of imaginative education. Also I see it as using some of the somatic understanding layered beneath the mythic understanding , and both of the understandings cognitive tools being used. Emotion is at play also as I try to tell a abstract narrative and in that story that uses ambiguity allows the the viewer or the participant to attach their own connections to that story allowing it to be personal for the learner.

Egan  explains how we need to make education emotionally engaging and exciting.  I tried to do this with the sculpture by including the viewer as a participant in the movement of it. This symbolizes  giving the piece personal meaning. The idea is spawn as in Kieran’s definition of imagination which is  – that imagination is the ability of thinking of something that is possible.

I also can see my sculpture as a visual explanation  of how Egan says that, imagination is the workhorse of learning. A machine that in reverse produces learning from imagination.

Kieran Egan in his video that starts off with the cinema example talks about the idea of reflecting  on what our structures are and replace some of them with our imaginative engagement with things. I feel this machine does that. I want people to try and guess what it is and what it does. I hope that it will spark some imagination as people turn the lever and watch what it does.

As I continue with my understanding of how imagination and emotion is intertwined in my teaching, I am sure my sculpture will grow. I also see being able to  introducing new features as well is getting more refined as the time goes on in the program. I am sure there will be more hiccups and changes as there will be in my teaching practice and how I grow my understanding of imaginative education. I am excited to see how it will transform and am curious if it will evolve in a completely different direction once I start my field study.

I find myself having a lot of questions, and it seems as if I have more and more each time I move forward in my thinking. I develop more questions about how the tools will work in certain situations and topics I am teaching . I am excited to get started and see how the students will respond to how these changes affect their imagination and engagement in the classroom. I seem a bit scattered and all over the place but that again is how my thoughts are moving and shifting as they coming to me. I demonstrated my random thoughts in the machine in its movement, this I think mimics my abstract thinking I am feeling in the program right now.

I also feel and know this is not complete. I am still developing and trying to figure out how this will all fit in to my teaching.

to be continued …