First of all I was not going to make this. I changed my mind after I had gone to class and was really upset. I was finding teaching was getting too too difficult and I was not very motivated anymore. I found I was re-evaluating my teaching almost to the point of not really knowing what I was doing anymore. I was going from an inspired excited teacher to a teacher that was not sure I wanted to do this anymore. I was confused as I had a class of 30 students with many designations, two ABA workers in my class full time. I had hours for a student that were not getting filled and every project that I enjoyed doing last year, was taking twice as long. I also felt that they way I setup my class was not working, students were not as inspired about what we were doing. I realized another thing about my teaching, that I was always trying to out do myself from the year before. constantly looking at doing something new! I also enjoyed getting recognized as the teacher that did such cool stuff, so innovative and different. I kept trying to do more and increasing what I was doing with my students.

So out of this came this sculpture. Back to a kinetic sculpture that is a metaphor for my teaching this term. Sometimes I am lucky and the concept and the idea from a lesson gets the student intertwined in the ideas, but sometimes it barley gets them thinking. However, I just keep going in the same direction. They way the sculpture is suppose to work is it is supose to change directions after the string wraps around the stick. Then it would demonstrate how I adapt a lesson and then move on from that point. but this term it has been broken and I just keep moving forward.

Showing a broken lesson, and teacher moving forward
Showing a good lesson but getting stuck.
Showing a good lesson and teacher moving forward, but still not ideal.