I have put together a gallery so I can showcase my sketch notes that I do in class and as I do my readings and watch video lectures. I find this a good way for me to stay focused. I also like to finish adding colour to them and enhancing them afterwards and it is like I am constantly reviewing my notes. Sometimes I might post them unfinished, this will be mostly when I either get distracted or loose interest in the drawing.

Here are some more sketch notes. I will try and finish them. I am finding it difficult to colour them and refine them when we are having class everyday. I am sure it will be easier when we have class once a week in September.

I have revisited some of my notes and added a few new ones. I have spent the week looking for answers and understanding. It has been messy but I have learned a lot!

Fall term

This term my notes are taking longer to do. With more of a workload teaching and at home I am not finishing them as quickly as I was in the summer session.

New notes, some are not finished but the idea is there.


Winter/Spring term

This terms notes will again be a mixture of coloured and not coloured notes.


Summer term

This terms notes are not coloured, and not finished in the same way. I am finding it harder to complete the notes each term.


Fall term

This terms notes are not coloured notes.